Your Guide to Giving the Best Corporate Gifts to Customers this Holiday Season

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Promotional gifts don’t have to feel tacky or contrived. In fact, the right promotional gift is thoughtful and unique. With a bit of effort, your company can find promotional gifts that will delight your customers — and isn’t delighting your customers what it’s all about?

The holiday season is the perfect opportunity for a meaningful promotional gift. The right gift shows your customers you are grateful for their business, while also keeping your company top of mind as your customers head into a new year.

This guide has everything you need to know to choose corporate gifts that will wow your customers this holiday season.

Why Bother With Corporate Gifts, Anyway?

Corporate gifts are more than lines in your marketing budget. A thoughtful gift will show your customers, associates, and vendors that they matter to your company. It will remind them how well you have worked together in the past, and may even make it likelier they will want to work with you in the future.

Corporate gifts are also a great way to demonstrate your brand values and show the recipient what your company is all about. Consider the difference between an elegant Cornell clock and a cozy blanket. They are both great gifts (which is why they are on our holiday gifting guide).

But they convey different values. The clock embodies professionalism and tradition, and is more formal. On the other hand, the blanket represents warmth and comfort, and is more casual. If your company is a professional services firm, the clock probably aligns more closely with your brand. If your company is in the home furnishing or textile industry, a blanket may be a better fit.

The right gift will not only leave a lasting impression, but will also represent your company and show your customers your company’s core values.

Gift Ideas

The best gifts not only show the recipient your company values, but also demonstrate how well you know the recipient.

Consider who you are giving gifts. Are they more likely to be found hiking a mountain or curled up with a good book? Do they prefer wine or beer? Get beyond merely considering gender or job title to understand their preferences and behaviors. That’s the first step in coming up with great personalized gifts.

Our experience in promotional gifts tells us these are always popular:

  • Wine. Contact a local winery and ask them if you can supply wine labels. Print labels with your logo and a holiday message for an elegant customized gift.
  • Journals. For instance, take a look at a journal and ballpoint gift set. For a personal touch, emboss the recipient’s initials on the journal.
  • A gift basket. There’s a reason it’s often chosen as a gift to an entire office. Few gifts are as easily shared (and enjoyed) by a whole office or team as a gift basket with a wide variety of treats.

Other Gift-Giving Tips

To make the most of your holiday gift budget, segment your list into groups and send gifts based on the strength of the business relationship. A company holiday card may be enough for a new, small account, while a more established relationship may call for a monogrammed mailbag.

As much as you can, cast your net wide when making your gift-giving list. Include past and current customers, as well as potential future customers. ‘Tis the season to be generous, after all.

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