Graphic Design

Your very own creative services department.

The Medium Matters

Our full-time, in-house graphic designers’ full range of creative design wizardry is included as part of our amazing service and creative product selection. That is right; there is no additional charge for graphic design services when associated with an order. T-shirt designs, print layout for a collateral piece, and product specific layouts for a promotional campaign are all included. This service allows us to be an extension of your creative services department without the added cost.

So you design logos?

With a name like Custom Logos it’s a natural question to ask. Yes, we can design an amazing logo for you. Whether you need a brand refresh or complete overhaul our team of experienced designers can help. A full list of our for-hire design services can be found here.

The core of our design services supports the production of the on-brand, visually spectacular branded merchandise. We specialize in working with your brand’s assets to create stunning branded apparel, promotional items, and print collateral.



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