5 Ways to Inspire Wellness with Corporate Gifts

When it comes to corporate gifts, it doesn’t have to be all bags of sweets and trays of cupcakes. Instead, consider encouraging personal wellness goals with personalized gifts that focus on health. When you provide employees or clients with gift items that inspire wellness, you’re demonstrating that you’ve got a vested interest in the health and longevity of your colleagues. Also, considering wellness gift items opens up a whole new world of creative ideas — everything from exercise balls to fitness class gift certificates to sportswear. You don’t have to feel stymied when it comes to a selection of personalized gifts for wellness — instead, think of it as a unique opportunity to inspire and encourage health in others.

Here are some of our picks for health-focused corporate gifts:

Yoga Supplies

Yoga is a popular pastime for office workers, since it helps them work out the physical kinks from sitting in a chair all day while helping clear their minds of piles of paperwork and overflowing inboxes. It’s also a good opportunity for your employees to show company pride with yoga mats and bags branded with the corporate logo. More popular choices for yoga-related gift items include yoga blocks, heart rate monitors, and more. You can even encourage colleagues to work on their core strength and balance by ordering exercise balls in lieu of the traditional office chair.

Stress Balls

Speaking of exercise balls, there’s another handy item that can help release stress in ball form — the aptly-named stress ball. Although they may seem like a bit of a joking gift item, they’re actually very useful for keeping the hands moving during a long conference call or for relieving the anxiety of a busy workday. Stress balls are even available in fun shapes — think small animals — and they look quirky and cute sitting on office desks. See if you can get a stress ball in the shape of your company mascot!

Spa Days

As far as personalized gifts go, few people would refuse the option to take a day off. Up the ante a little bit by providing your clients or colleagues with gift certificates for a full spa experience — perfect after the close of a big campaign that’s required long nights at the office. Most spas offer plenty of different experiences beyond a simple massage or steam room — a blog post from Spa Week suggests options like acupuncture, hot stone massages, or body wraps. It’s the perfect way to tell your employees how much you want them to relax after completing a hard work project. (If getting out to a spa isn’t an option, consider a pedicure spa kit for pampering on the go.)

Exercise Sets

Not everybody has the budget for fancy home gyms or workout setups, so why not provide corporate-branded exercise sets for people constantly in transit? Some people aren’t able to balance going to the gym with their office workload, so make it easier by bringing the gym to them. Items like exercise bands are particularly great for working out in hotel rooms when workers are on the go, and they’re even better as corporate offerings at trade shows and conferences. If you want to get extra creative, try offering workout towels with your company’s logo to help spread the word at the gym, or come up with some quality branded workout clothes.

Healthy Snacks

You don’t have to completely do away with food as a personalized gift — instead, think of some healthy alternatives that will still be creative and satisfying. Edible arrangements made out of fruit are always popular (and quite beautiful as well), or you could stick with traditional fruit baskets with some nutrition-packed nuts and granola. You could even treat your employees to a few weeks’ worth of free healthy snack delivery if it looks like you’re going to be working overtime. People always appreciate free food, but if you’ve got wellness in mind, be sure to make some healthy choices when it comes to gift ideas.

Go Beyond Ordinary Gifts

Not everyone might think of wellness gift ideas for their staff or clients, but to do so shows your support of a healthy lifestyle. If you demonstrate that you care about the wellbeing of your colleagues, it can go a long way towards building strong team bonds while getting everyone leaning more towards the wellness side — and a healthy office is a productive one!

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