Wear Branded Sportswear at These 6 Corporate Outings

Corporate outings are great for building strong teams and a solid culture, especially when they get employees up and moving! If you’re planning a corporate outing but not sure what to do yet, take a look at these six activities and the fun corporate swag you can use at each.

Golf Tournaments

Golfing is a great way for your team to have a little fun through some friendly competition. Not only is golf great for a regular corporate outing, but hosting a golf tournament can be a fantastic way to fundraise money while bringing your team members together. Who knows? They might come up with amazing ideas for your next project while out on the links. At your next corporate golf day, you might enjoy branded sportswear and swag like our Nike® golf balls or OGIO® polos.

Fun Runs

If golfing isn’t your style, then perhaps your employees would have more fun at an organized run/walk. Consider using this opportunity to help raise money for a cause your company cares about. This will increase brand awareness in your community and also give your employees the chance to connect outside of work. If you want your organization to really make a splash at one of these events, gift your employees some branded water bottles, Under Armour t-shirts, or Under Armour drawstring bags.


If you’re less interested in fundraising for a cause and more interested in finding an activity that will enhance teamwork, consider paintballing! This activity will bring your team together to solve challenges as a cohesive unit. It’s also a great way to foster healthy competition between different departments. If you’re looking for an awesome employee appreciation gift to hand out after the game, consider our branded OGIO® baseball cap.

Volunteer Building

A fantastic way to give back to the community while bringing your team together is to plan a volunteer building event. You might consider working with an organization that builds homes for people in need or builds facilities for local schools. It’s a great way to put your employees’ skills to the test, especially when it comes to management and teamwork. Prepare your team for the outdoor work with some great sportswear like these Nike sunglasses.

Scavenger Hunt

When your team is ready for a lightly competitive and slightly silly challenge, scavenger hunts are a great idea. You can plan the hunt yourself or rely on an app or third-party service to do it for you. While running around searching for clues or treasures, your employees may enjoy some sweet, branded backpacks or visors. The backpack is especially handy if employees are instructed to collect items throughout the hunt.


A great way to get out in the fresh, open air for a unique corporate outing is through a canoeing trip — whether it’s just a few hours or a full-day experience. Canoeing is a great opportunity for team members to learn how to work together because everyone has to pitch in to paddle and steer. Check out nearby public rivers to see what kind of rentals are available, and be sure to schedule ahead. While you’re out on the water, make sure you stay hydrated. Team members can easily sip out of a TacPack(™) hydration kit.

Time to start planning! With these activity and swag ideas in mind, the ball is already rolling. Think about the outing that makes the most sense for you and your team members and contact us to brainstorm some custom sportswear ideas.

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