6 Techy Corporate Gift Ideas Your Employees Will Love

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In the holiday season of giving, the right corporate gift for your employees goes a long way. It not only conveys your appreciation for the work they do, but it’s also a great way to show that you truly care about their success, both in their careers and in their personal lives.

Did you know that companies spend more than $77 billion annually in non-cash rewards? More and more business leaders have learned that, while you shouldn’t throw away the classic holiday bonus, adding a small gift that’s not cash can have a big boost on employee morale.

If you want to give more than the traditional gift card, take advantage of the following corporate gift ideas — more personal than some scratch tickets, or a box of fine chocolates, these tech gadgets have the advantage of providing real benefits to your employees year-round. Which do you think your employees will love most?

1. Perfect Tech 8 Piece Gift Set

Why give one gift, when you could give eight? Give your employees the tools for professional and personal success in the new year with this eight-piece tech set that includes today’s most popular items. The tech cleaning cloth, phone holder, stylus pen and tablet/phone stand are perfect for traveling, or working on-the-go. Employees can keep their earphones and 2,000 mAh power pack for use in the office. The mobile wallet pouch and USB charger are conveniences for everyday use both at work and at home. To top it off, all these items come in a protective PU leather case, for easy and safe portability.

2. ANKR Bluetooth Tracker

Give your employees a hand keeping track of essential items, with the ANKR Bluetooth Tracker. The ANKR is a small electronic tag that fits smoothly onto a key ring, or attached to a valuable item. The tag connects to a mobile app, so when you’ve walked far enough from the tag, you receive a notification on your smartphone.

What’s more, ANKR is smart enough to recognize safe zones, such as your home, so you aren’t receiving mobile alerts simply for walking from the living room to your bedroom. Whether your employees use Android or iOS phones, they’ll certainly appreciate the notifications that will keep them from being locked out of their cars at the end of the day, or frantically searching for their keys in the morning.

3. Brookstone Wireless Travel Router

Being somewhere that doesn’t have Wi-Fi is a huge inconvenience these days; especially for those who work on-the-go. Tethering phones can quickly eat up power and data. Enter the Brookstone Wireless Travel Router, which gives people the ability to create their own Wi-Fi hotspot with an ethernet cable.

The router gives multiple devices access to up to 150 Mbps internet connectivity, and can be powered with a power adapter or through a USB connection to a laptop. Wherever your employees are working for the day, this travel router helps ensure they’re always connected.

4. Sphinx 2 In 1 Bluetooth Keyboard Stand

Whether your employees are working in the company lounge or the conference room, they’ll appreciate the convenience of the Sphinx 2 in 1 Bluetooth Keyboard Stand. Compatible with both Android and iOS devices, this stand fits most tablets. When they’re done working, or ready to move to the next location, employees can fold the tablet into the stand for easy portability. Complete with a micro USB charging cable, this stand has everything your employees need to be productive without being glued to their desks.

5. Cross Tech 3+

This is a great corporate gift for anyone who needs to switch between paper and screen often. Instead of losing pens and pencils amid a cluttered desk (why is it that you can never find one when you need one?), keep track of just one simple, sleek writing tool: the Cross Tech 3+. Technically four writing utensils in one, this gadget can switch between red ink, black ink, a 0.5mm pencil, and a stylus that works with almost every touchscreen. Whether your employees are jotting down action item and takeaways from the latest meeting, editing a proposal to send back for revisions, or scrolling through their tablet on their lunch break; this multifunctional device is perfect for the multitasker in all of us.

6. Urban Edge by Canyon Paxton Wool Media Case

Most of us have a lot of devices — both personal and professional — to carry around. Give your employees a hand trekking laptops, tablets, and phones between various meetings and conferences, remote offices, and home. Featuring a genuine leather trim and two magnetic snap closures, this wool media case can hold up to four media devices of any size, thanks to its adjustable velcro pieces. The case can also turn into a foldable stand, so employees can easily view their screens or show their display to others. Let’s not forget the pen loop for holding a pen or stylus, keeping you prepared for note-taking in every meeting.

The word “techy” may bring to mind a software engineer, but you don’t have to work at a software company to appreciate these technology-centered corporate gifts. The truth is that everyone can benefit from tech tools and accessories, no matter their career or role. Make no mistake; your employees will notice the effort you put into finding a gift that’s truly useful to them. Give them tools to help them succeed. After all, their success is your success, too.

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