Did that just happen? – The story of “The Summer Intern”

Being one of the first interns in Custom Logos history, I should write about all the knowledge I gained over the summer and how my experience here will help with my future endeavors. However, that would be such a bore and unfitting for a company whose culture happens to be a far cry from a bore.

Being from Missouri I wanted to get away from the Midwest for a summer and San Diego seemed the perfect fit. But with my aspiration to come to the great state of California came some drawbacks. It was hard to get hooked up with a decent internship being so far away; so I had to resort to none other than- Craig’s List. What kind of sketchy company posts and ad for an intern on Craig’s List? Through phone interviews and countless e-mails the position became finalized; with a start date of June 1st 2010. Never meeting with anyone face to face I was a bit apprehensive of walking in to an unfamiliar place- did I mention the building is bright yellow and sits on stilts- not really the big time corporate office look I had been hoping for. But I walked in with high hopes for the best. Little did I know June 1st would be the start of an awesome adventure!

During the first few weeks I was trained on the different ins and outs of the company, logistical processes as well as my roles and responsibilities as “the summer intern.” Overwhelmed at first with all that I was learning and what was asked of me, I soon became eager to learn more and grew more and more excited to come to work everyday. My sometimes over an hour drive from Oceanside to Custom Logos grew quickly from dread to excited anticipation for what the day would bring. I got to know the people in the halls of Custom Logos, and I treated the comments (which anyone else at another company may consider going to HR over) as part of the whole experience and excitement of being at work.

For the over 20 years Custom Logos has been in business, they have been able to create a company atmosphere that most businesses work decades on perfecting. You can see the exuberating energy and passion each individual has for their work, which became infectious in the halls of Custom Logos. They have created a family here- a home away from home if you will, and from the outside looking in, it’s more than obvious that everyone loves coming to work, and putting in the strenuous hours that is asked of most sales people. With a fun outside of the office activity such as bowling, or a BBQ at someone’s home- usually named “Happy Hour”- the employees of Custom Logos are able to relax and create that atmosphere that carries over to the “9-5 hours.” Once you’ve witnessed this, their success is completely understandable.

I am honored to be one of the first interns in Custom Logos history. I’m proud to say I will be taking away so much more than I could have gained working at any other company. Of course, there was your everyday paper pushing, excel sheets and filing, But I know my first experience as an intern for any other corporation couldn’t have been any better or compared to the experience I had. I know that wherever I end up after graduation I will be able to take the energy and passion for my work that has been transmitted to me from these people. Never would I have thought that what started as searching through ads on Craig’s List could lead to such an awesome experience. And who knows, maybe I’ll be back?

-Megan Raines

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