10 years in the making

WATCHES WHEN YOU RETIRE? WHAT’S THE FUN IN THAT? Here at Custom Logos we have long recognized that our staff is our single greatest resource and their continuing commitment and loyalty is vital to our company’s success. As such, as you walk around our building you can’t help but run into many of the 34 staff members who have received their 10 year watches over the years. Along those lines we are happy and proud to congratulate 10 year veterans Kristen Johnson and Chris Provinzano who are pictured above and received their watches at our recent company meeting. Like the vast majority of our staff both Kristen and Chris came to Custom Logos via referral. Kristen has excelled in her sales role over the past ten years which culminated in her winning salesperson of the year and breaking many sales records along the way. Chris is the longest tenured member of the design department and takes pride in his role as creative director for our company. In addition to his day to day duties Chris has also been responsible for much of our company’s branding over the years which we are very grateful for. Finally, we feel very fortunate to have Kristen and Chris on our team and look forward to their continued contributions to our company for many years to come. Thanks Kristen and Chris for all you do!

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