While 50% of our orders are produced in house, we rely on a network of vendors to produce the balance and sometimes stuff happens. About a month ago we found that one of our vendors accidentally shipped an order to Irvine when it was supposed to be shipped to Arizona. The next morning we dispatched Gustavo to Irvine, who intercepted the order, and headed to Arizona. After an 11 hour roundtrip our client received the order a scant 12 hours before their meeting and was ecstatic that we pulled it off. This past week we were faced with a similar situation revolving around a rush order that needed to be in Los Angeles at 8:00am Monday morning. After producing the order over the course of the weekend Gustavo was once again pressed into action, leaving our San Diego facility at 4:00am to insure another on time delivery. We are extremely thankful to have “Goose” on our staff as he clearly exemplifies the Custom Logos spirit of Doing Whatever it Takes. Thanks Goose for all you do!