promotional products

Like in fashion, trends for promotional products come and go. What used to be the hot giveaway at trade shows in the past may not create so much buzz today.

As technology evolves, so do our lifestyles, and this impacts what types of promotional products people will pick up, use, and get excited about. With years of experience in the business, we’ve got your company covered with insight into the latest crazes and fascinations, and up-and-coming products — so you won’t be handing out the classic, yet slightly outdated letter opener at your next tradeshow or networking event (how many of us open letters on a daily basis?).

For your first event of the new year, charm audiences of all ages with one of our top picks for hot promotional products in 2017.

Adult Coloring Books

Between 2014 and 2015, adult coloring book sales jumped from 1 million to an impressive 12 million; and they still appeal to many people nationwide. The easygoing hand motions and laid back pace of coloring are great for stress relief, making these a perfect promotional product for doctors’ offices and wellness centers. Plus, when purchased in bulk, they’re an affordable investment. Consider placing adult coloring books in your waiting rooms, giving them as customer gifts, and bringing them along with you to various events.

Big Lazy

The Big Lazy is an ultra-lightweight inflatable bag, perfect for lounging outdoors. It inflates within seconds, without the use of a pump, making it easy to set up a comfortable spot to relax on the beach, while camping, or while picnicking. When you’re done, simply deflate the comfy seat for easy storage and carrying. The nifty inflatable lounge bag makes for an interesting conversation starter (even better once people notice your company logo on the side). This is a fun promotional item to give away to both customers and employees, especially if your business promotes outdoor products or events.

RFID Data Blocker Card

As technology evolves to provide us with more convenience in our daily lives, it often (unfortunately) also makes certain tasks more convenient for hackers. An RFID data blocker card helps prevent this. It does so through E-Field technology, protecting against electronic theft of credit and debit cards. With one of these cards, data transfer between a card and reader — including with contactless chip cards — is protected at a range of up to 23 feet. Not only is this a practical promotional gift for 2017, but each time someone opens their wallet, they’ll see their RFID data blocker card and think of your brand.

Portable USB Water Bottle Humidifier

If you’re looking for something that bridges promotion and wellness, the portable USB water bottle humidifier is a fantastic option! This humidifier works with any sized water bottle, and is conveniently powered by a micro USB cable. Using the water in the bottle, this device increases humidity in your home or office — which in turn moisturizes the skin, reduces dust, and minimizes bacteria in the space. This promotional product even features a safety auto shut-off feature after eight hours. Perfect for an employees, this device offers an innovative way to show you care about your team’s well being in the office (or at home). This gift is a practical way to combine tech and health, and users will think of your brand each time they use it.

Strappy Phone Holder

If you want to give away promotional products that people will use daily (constantly reminding them of your brand), look no further than the strappy phone holder. These promotional products feature a silicone pocket with detachable lanyard — and they suit almost any phone. The pocket can be used as a wallet to store your license, credit card, or debit card; and the lanyard can be detached, to clip the pocket almost anywhere. In the age when we all have a mobile phone at our side constantly, this strappy phone holder makes a great, affordable promo product that people won’t be tossing away anytime soon.

Zoom Audio Flask

You’re likely familiar with how popular branded water bottles can be — with the Zoom Audio Flask – 18 oz., the water bottle just grew up. Capable of holding 18 ounces of water, this promotional product keeps you hydrated all day long, but it also doubles as a practical tech tool. Yep, you read that right! It features a removable Bluetooth speaker, which you can connect to your phone — within 10 meters — to play your favorite music or videos on-the-go.

With these hot product ideas in mind, you should have no trouble lining up your gifts and giveaways for 2017. For this year, think practical, healthy, and innovative, and you’re sure to delight the modern consumer. Now, it’s just a matter of the big decision: what color should you go with for your strappy phone holder?