A native of Detroit, Denis spent his adult life here in San Diego, and 13 years as an integral part of the Custom Logos family. Affectionately known as MacGyver for his ability to assess and fix almost anything, Denis began his career with us as a manual screenprinter but quickly ascended to embroidery operator and eventually ran the embroidery department. A big hockey fan, to this day a custom SD Gulls jersey emblazoned with his name and representing his tenure at Custom Logos hangs in the embroidery department. There were many great MacGyver stories over his tenure here at Custom Logos, and he was the first employee in our history to earn the coveted 10 year omega anniversary watch. We all hold a special place in the heart of the Custom Logos family for Denis and in remembrance are happy to share a few of our memories…

I was just talking about him to a friend of mine remembering when we were at the racetrack for a Friday night Custom Logos Event. He was giving me tips on each race and in between I was having a few cocktails and enjoying the scenery. I asked Dennis what looks good for this race and I might’ve been a little buzzed. He replied in his matter-of-fact way: “Tostie, the races have been over for over an hour”. I replied that would explain why I can’t figure out what horse looks good. He so kindly took me home. He was a great guy and he will be missed. We love you Denis.

Macguyver… His last week at Custom Logos I loaned Macguyver $10 for gas… Mac go ahead and keep it…
He did let me drive the white Corvette to get the gas…His pride and joy! RIP.

I remember standing next to Denis at the ISS show in Long Beach staring at what would eventually be our first embroidery machine. At a cost of nearby $100,000 you could imagine my trepidation. I look at Denis knowing he had never worked in an embroidery shop and asked “can you operate that machine?” Without a blink of an eye he said “hell yeah!” We immediately signed the contract. RIP MacGuyver.