On May 1st of this year Emily Baumann and Aaron (Flea) Miller were married at The Dana Inn on Mission Bay. Numerous Custom Logos employees were present and most are pictured above. All weddings are of course special, but this wedding had particular significance as it was the first wedding of two Custom Logos employees who met here at the office. Emily had worked in our customer service for about a year and a half when Flea arrived at Custom Logos. The brother in law of partner Sean Abbs, Flea was helping us temporarily in the warehouse for the summer when the sparks began to fly. It started out with innocent flirting which lead to kisses in the breakroom and culminated in their wedding last month. While there have been other couples who worked together here, Emily and Flea will always hold a special place in our hearts as the first office romance that resulted in marriage. We wish them the best!